Jade Regent


Today we made a new friend, and a new enemy. First, upon entering a room on the East wall of Brinewall, we were confronted with the horrible discovery of a trophy room. These trophies were formerly living creatures, currently stuffed in awkward poses. One creature was being prepped for his new life as a trophy when we intervened.

Lucky for him, we came to the rescue! Apparently, Buttersnips, a disgusting little quickling, was just minutes away from beginning. Out of nowhere, this little freak appeared and did a number on Gork. Luckily, Qwan was ready with his trusty throwing stars. One quick flick of the wrist, and down she went, sleeping like a baby.

A few of those disgusting little birdmen came down the stairs to attack us, but we piled them up nicely. We left them in the thrown room as a warning to all that dare stand in our way.

We then found a haunt in what looks like the main stairwell of the castle. Arnaxel took pretty good care of that while everyone else ran away. I wouldn’t say it was in fear, but rather a preservation technique.

Just passed the stairwell, but on the first floor, we ran into an undead creature. At first we were terrified, as we mistook it for a wraith. Qwan went white as a ghost, but quickly composed himself when he realized it was only a wight. A few good hits and it was put to rest, once and for all.

We decided it was time to rest and check on Ameiko. We also wanted to interrogate Buttersnips some. Arnaxel and Gallos took care of the interrogation. Long story short, Gallos has a new scare, Buttersnips is gone and Arnaxel got a lot of information.

First, there are a lot of creature types in this castle. Troglodytes, Tengu, an Oni (the red faced man) a harpy (his GF), which by the way, he is in a fight with. It is also important to note that there is something scary and powerful in the basement. It is described as an octopus type thing. Buttersnips does not know of any special treasure other than that carried by the residents.

Well, that is all that I have to report for now.


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