Wizard - Undead Crypt


Tyler was found “cowering” in an old crypy found on the trip to Brinewall. Apparently he got a little in over his head while exploring the ruin. It cost him a pretty penny too.

The party came across him and cleaned his clock. It wasn’t without a little bit of humiliation on both sides. Tyler did walk away with his life and limb. But he did so with a dark demon cloud hanging over his head. Qwan sucessfully scared Tyler into believing that Qwan’s father, a demon for the pits of hell, will come looking for a favor.

The party showed both their power and compassion to the members of the caravan. But it was also shown that while defeated, the wilely wizard still had a trick up his sleeve. Everyone, including Tyler, knows that they only reason the wizard still lives is because he sucessfuly blinded Qwan and convinced the party that he would cure him as long as the party freed him.


Jade Regent Komoda